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Imagine what a place would be like if the libertines settled an area instead of the Puritans.

Welcome to Greenleaf.

The ultimate paradise for sexually liberated fandom. For years Greenleaf was run by Justin & Tristin who built up the most successful dope growing operation in North America and using the proceeds to align Greenleaf as the vacation destination for Gay Poly Nerds.

In addition to growing their town through fantasy cosplay cons and events, the boys discover they have a special talent for producing the most exotic and funniest porn ever, with such geeky titles as ‘condom entanglements.’

Enter the mysterious magician Manuel Manfredi and his wild child husband Nigel.

Tollie’s Polys accept this hot, sexy couple into the group knowing almost nothing about them.
its almost like they’re….spellbound.

As each chapter unfolds, the mystery deepens. More shall be revealed in the ultimate striptease act. Literally.

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